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Guadalupe Hayes-Mota


Guadalupe Hayes-Mota

CEO & Founder

As a biopharmaceutical leader, Guadalupe has led the global departments at top biotech firms as Chief Supply Chain Officer & Vice-President (UltragenyxBiogenAmgen, and GSK) in manufacturing, supply chain management, sourcing, warehouse, packaging, logistics, and distribution of medicines to 113 countries, supplying millions of people with treatments. He ran the most extensive free healthcare system in the United States (UCLA Health), providing 30,000 underserved patients free healthcare and medicine. Guadalupe also assisted in developing and implementing the Affordable Care Act (Obama Care), which provided healthcare access to 20 million people in the United States (RAND Corporation). In addition to his corporate roles, he researched the development of new medications with Moderna's founder, Professor Bob Langer's Labat MIT. Guadalupe is a Senior Lecturer at MIT teaching biotechnology, business, and entrepreneurship. 


Guadalupe graduated from MIT with a BS in Chemistry, an MS in Engineering Systems in AI, and an MBA. He also received his MPA in Leadership, Management, and Politics from Harvard Kennedy School. Business Insider has recognized Guadalupe as one of six powerful LGBTQ+ executives; Boston Business Journal named him to their 40 under 40 list; and PharmaVoice found him one of the 100 Most Inspiring People in the Life Science Industry today.

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